Matthew Jones
About Matt

About Matt

Hi! I’m Matthew Jones, writer, content creator, SEO expert, Divemaster, traveler, and so much more.

My friends usually just call me Matt. So let’s stick with that going forward!

First of all, I really appreciate you taking the time to check out some of my work, as well as your interest in collaborating with me. You can find out more about what I do here, and you can see samples of my writing here. But if you want to know a little bit more about the man behind the work, then keep reading! I’ll be brief….or at least I’ll try.

Originally from Springfield, Massachusetts, I now reside in Newport, Rhode Island, which is just two hours from my hometown. But while I may have relocated not too far away from where I grew up, my journey from point A to point B has taken me to Spain (for nearly six years), Asia (from Thailand to India), and Latin America (mostly Mexico and Colombia).

During this time, I have always been writing. But I have also been teaching English, working at various service jobs, training to become and working as a PADI Divemaster, and, generally speaking, just trying to have fun and enjoy life as much as I possibly can.

Writing has always been a passion of mine. I’ll never forget wandering the streets of Dublin, Ireland, by myself, daydreaming about writing my way around the world. Fast forward nearly ten years, and that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing.

However, it’s about far more than what writing let’s me do that’s made me pursue this path.

Words are my favorite. Like, I LOVE them. Of course, they are often hopelessly insufficient at explaining what we are feeling and experiencing, but they are also the best tool we have (I think) for describing our inner worlds to other people.

Therefore, I consider myself truly lucky to be able to make my living doing something I not only love but that I consider deeply important to the human experience: communication.

By nature, I am a deeply curious person. I love to learn and to gain a working knowledge on pretty much any topic. This has motivated my love for travel and exploration, but it has also helped me as a writer. There is no such thing as a boring or mundane topic. With the right mindset, everything is interesting!

Therefore, when you work with me, you will be getting a writer who is not only professional and serious about what he does but who also has a wealth of information and experience at his disposal that can be used to create interesting, inspiring, and engaging content for your readers.

In our busy, over-stimulated world, catching people’s attention is critical, and I feel confident I can use words to do just that.

Okay, I won’t keep babbling on about myself. Some other things you should know is that I am a son to a wonderful mother, a brother to a kick-butt sister who lives in Germany, and an uncle to a German-American baby boy who just joined the world in October 2021. They help keep me filled up with love.

Oh, and when I am not traveling or writing, you can find me in the woods, on my surfboard, curled up with a good book or crossword, mediating or doing yoga, or working on my personal blog: The Human Revolution.

And that’s it! As we work together you will surely get to know more about me, and I look forward to that journey. Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit more about me.

Feel free to get in touch so that we can further discuss our potential collaboration!